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Saipan's authentic mediterranean restaurant and bakery, serving delicious desserts, popular breads, dips, sandwiches, salads, and other dishes!







About Caravan of Food


Exquisite food, relaxing ambiance, and attentive service....Caravan of Food has it all! After a long and laborious planning, Caravan of Food is now the sole bona fide Mediterranean restaurant on Saipan to offer its very own authentic Mediterranean taste. We welcome you to our cafe!


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Caravan of Food is open for breakfast and lunch from 8am to 5pm daily. Aside from its breakfast and lunch offerings, Caravan of Food offers takeout orders with specials. It has seats for 60 diners. For reservations, call Caravan of Food at 234-0638 or book online. Major credit cards accepted.


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Caravan of Food is very proud to provide authentic Mediterranean recipes passed from one generation to another. With our unique menu we are very excited to be distinguished as a healthy option for Saipan eaters. We will continue to strive to offer the community a new and healthy eating experience.



Caravan of Food is very proud to be providing new and healthy eating options to the island. Caravan is the only place you can find authentic Mediterranean recipes passed down from one generation to another. Also offered is Certified Angus Beef with Signature beef dishes including, the Kabob plate, which is grounded CAB chuck shoulder and a special blend of spices, grilled with olive oil and served on top of Basmati rice with a side salad and Beef Shawarma, CAB top sirloin traditionally roasted on a slow rotating rotisserie, sliced thin with choice of veggies and pita bread topped with house made tahini. The house specialty is Maqluba, a layer of seasoned meat, veggies, and rice cooked together in a pot and then flipped over. For information or to place an order, please call 234-0638..